An Analysis on Growths of RC Slabs by Using Different Techniques


  • 1Charan Singh, 2Sukhlal Chhaba Faculty of Civil Engineering, Jayoti Vidyapeeth women’s University, Jaipur, India.


This article provides a focused study of the use of different methods to improve the last Capacity of bending behavior in RC plates. They were executed four copies RC Common resistance to compression and reinforced with steel mesh. The samples were strengthened by various processes, such as the use of films GFRP, rolled in carbon fibers Strips and steel bars near the surface. All samples were submitted Configuration two load places. The load was increased from zero to the breaking load. First crack It was recorded and there was a crack pattern. The behavior of solidified samples It was compared to that of the control sample to assess the efficiency Techniques. The test results showed that the techniques used were effective in improving the The behavior of steel slabs from values remarkable. Keywords: RC, Fiber, Strip, Columns, Beams, Plates.




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