• Rufus Ogbuka Chime Mechanical Engineering Department, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu –Enugu state Nigeria


Design as a tool for innovation has developed rapidly in recent years, resulting notably in concepts such as strategic design, design management and design thinking .Design is a holistic approach which allows a range of considerations beyond aesthetics to betaken into account, including functionality, ergonomics, usability, accessibility, productsafety, sustainability, cost and intangibles such as brand and culture, As such, it is considered asthe bridge between for example creativity and innovation, technology and the user, scientificand commercial disciplines. Design is also a tool for innovation in mature markets where technological developmentsbring only marginal improvements to the end-user, and in low tech markets. Good design canincrease sales revenues and profit margins by differentiating products and services, making them more attractive to customers. For sometimes now, there has been series of incidence of collapsed building in this Country. The reason behind this is as a result of the poor quality of material used for the construction. The introduction of block moulding Machine will help to produce more solid blocks of high quality within a short time which invariably will help reduce this problem of collapse buildings in our Country, Nigeria. Usually, blocks can be molded by hand but the need for machine cannot be over emphasized because it will allow for easier, faster and cheaper means of producing blocks. Block moulding machine comes in different designs, types, shapes and sizes. The scope of this research are to design, model, and simulate, the sustain analysis and manufacturing of block moulding machine. Designers make decisions on the use of resources, modes of consumption and the lifecycles of products and services. Environmentally sustainable design (also referred to as ‘green design’ or ‘eco-design’) aims to ensure that products, services and systems are produced and provided in a way that reduces the use of non-renewable resources and minimizes environmental impact. Manufacturing engineers have a dual responsibility. Primarily, they provide the tooling, equipment, operation sequence, and other technical wherewithal to enable a product to be manufactured. Secondarily, they have a responsibility to ensure that the design provided to the manufacturing organization is satisfactory from a manufacturability standpoint. Manufacturing is the means by which the technical and industrial capability of a nation is harnessed to transform innovative designs into well-made products that meet customer needs. This activity occurs through the action of an integrated network that links many different participants with the goals of developing, making, and selling useful things. Manufacturing is the conversion of raw materials into desired end products.
Keywords: Design, Innovation, Modelling .Simulation, Sustainability Analysis, Block Moulding and Manufacturing




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