Evolution of Web Towards Web 3.0


  • Rohit Bhandari Computer Science and Engineering, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India


Web 3.0, blockchain, web evolution.


Every day lot and lot are innovation are made. Some organization makes money and some made some significant products ,but some tech have the potential to change the future of the world. Like the new technology web 3.0 is changing the world by its potential. Web 3 uses is increasing day by day.  Web 3.0 is better than the previous web types (Web 1.0 and web 2.0). If we dive into web 1.0 then, web 1.0 provide static information whereas web 2.0 provides interactive information and we have the control to create the information like we do post photo on social media but now web 3.0 opens new way to do disruptive things. The web 3 which is advanced from the both an integrated web experience where machine could understand the data and can change it just like the humans. It provide the safest data protection with better speed.

Keywords: Web 3.0, blockchain, web evolution.




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