A New Method of Secure Payment Solutions Fully Off-Line Functions on Frodo


  • Indumathi Akuthota1, Sunil.G2, Md.Sallauddin3 Department of CSE, S.R. Engineering College, Warangal,Telangana, India


such, in cases wherebyclient and vendorsquare measurestep by step or intermittently disconnected from the network and there's no secure in the course of on-line payment. we have a tendency toplanned work is to supply secure fully off-line work is interactivity between quite one customer server. This server is diagnosed from legal to misbrmanagement is stocked to patron key technique. Once collect the information at consumeraspectsquare measureshopper account is disable habitually via eradicable PUFs. It accommodates that restricted interest is ensured referred as server to consumer dealing is secured. Further, an exhaustive investigation of FRODO utilitarian and safety properties is given, demonstrating its viability and credibleness. KEYWORDS-Secure payments, PoS system, erasable PUFs ,fraud resilience, cybercrime.




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