Performance of Mud Brick in Building Construction system


  • 1Sukhlal Chhaba, 2Charan Singh Faculty of Civil Engineering, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur, India


The use of buildable is established in low-energy houses. They are made of mud bricks Clay, water and binding material, such as rice husk or straw. The advantages are the mud bricks its low cost and high thermal behavior. Although the mud bricks are considered one of the oldest buildings Materials, engineers and builders do not have enough information about their mechanics Property. In addition, there is an accurate code design to follow before construction. This study devotes To improve the low resistance to compression of clay bricks without sacrificing its low thermal resistance Conductivity properties. The experimental program in this research involves the use of various Additives can increase the compressive strength of the basic mix of sludge. The experimental results they show that the increase in the ratio of cement, as a constituent, leads to an optimum within certain limits Strength brick compression. Keyword: Mud, Building, Optimum, Construction, Brick, Mixture.




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