A Novel Multi-focus Image Fusion Technique based on Hybrid Wavelet Transform


  • Vandana1, Meenu Manchanda2, Priyanka Mittal3 Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women,Kashmere Gate, Opp. St. James Church, New Delhi, India


The process vide which we combine different images from different sources resulting in a image containing all relevant data is defined as image fusion. The prominent objective of image fusion is to get a resultant image which would be more informative in terms of visual perception, image interpretation and better accuracy. This paper in particular applies to fusion of multi-focus images where partially-focused images taken from same scene are fused together to yield a well-focused fused image. Thus, a novel multi-focus image fusion technique based on hybrid wavelet transform is proposed. In proposed technique, input images are first decomposed using Daubechies complex wavelet transform is order to get complex coefficients. These complex coefficients are further decomposed using discrete wavelet transform. The discrete wavelet transform coefficients so obtained are fused using select maxima rule and then fused complex coefficients are reconstructed using inverse-discrete wavelet transform. The resultant image is obtained by using inverse-Daubechies complex wavelet transform. The proposed technique performance has been evaluated and compared, subjectively and objectively, with respect to other commonly used fusion techniques. Results shows that the proposed fusion technique generates better fusion results.
Key Words: Daubechies complex wavelet transform, discrete wavelet transform, image fusion




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