Sentiment Analysis: A Review


  • M. Edison1, A. Flora 2, D. Vinnarasi 3, A. Aloysius 4 Computer Science St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Trichy


Sentiment Analysis be situated a big domain to study people’s opinion. Nowadays people are expressing their emotions differently by social media network. Most of the users are posting their emotions with proper and improper text. In this paper, review of the sentiment analysis concepts, methods and mechanisms for solving the issues discussed with different aspects. Especially, pre-processing, mathematical and statistical mechanism are used in lexicon based approach for refereed papers, which was handled in sentiment analysis. Most of the research articles in sentiment analysis used pre-processing algorithm and methods to predict the results with a help of statistical analysis. Especially, lexicon and machine learning approaches are used by the researchers in this domain, which was assisted for classification and measured polarity of the sentiments.
Key Words: Sentiment Analysis, Sentiment Classification, Lexicon Based Approach, Social Media Network, Opinion Mining.




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