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Ram Chandra Patnaik1, Vinay Kumar Jain2


Today the present scenario is the information world. We see every format of the information require digital safety for the sake of privacy. In digital world everything is done with the help of computer and we send information from this medium through email id to other individual, groups, delegates’ etc. But there is not surety of privacy when we sending information through email. So keep the security tight over digital site we make ensure our information is well secured by any efficient algorithm or by any means of process. So we develop the GUI related to security purpose for achieving our goals and How to achieve this security in this project is elaborated and explained. This paper proposed An Efficient Video Steganography using RSA Algorithm and Modified OPAP. Data privacy is need in today world for secure information transmission and reception. So what is the way and how we develop the new concept to secure and hide any information (text, image, audio, and video etc.) using steganography. In proposed method I am hiding the data in a compressed video by using RSA Algorithm and Modified Optimal Pixel Adjustment Process (MOPAP). The secret text data is first encrypted by using RSA algorithm. This encrypted message is transformed into bits and replaced it with the least significant bits (LSB) of discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients of digital frames in a video. We can provide elevated security to the embedded text data. This algorithm was tested on different types of videos format such as AVI, MPEG etc. The proposed method is expected to execute well and is compared to a Least Significant Bit replacement (LSB) algorithm.
Keywords: Cryptography, Modified Optical Pixel Adjustment Process (MOPAP), RSA Algorithm, Steganography.

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Vinay Kumar Jain2R. C. P. (2016). AN EFFICIENT VIDEO STEGANOGRAPHY USING RSA AND MODIFIED OPAP. International Journal of Engineering Technology and Computer Research, 4(5). Retrieved from