• Shrikant Bhange*1, Lochana Ahire#2, Madhuri Gadkari#3, Asmita Bhosale#4, Mansi Shrimali#5 Department of E&TC, SITRC, Nashik, Maharashtra, India


Now days in industries for drilling purpose CNC machines are being used which are very costly and bulky. For small scale industry CNC machines are not affordable. So for small scale industries we are going to design a PC based PCB drilling machine, which is very less in cost and practically feasible. The number of holes and vias in the PCB influence the speed of drilling time if it is done manually. The idea is to implement an automatic drilling machine. The system consists of two main parts, i.e. software in PC and the drilling machine itself. The coordinates for holes and vias were generated by PCB drawing software as text file. In PCB drilling machines, the location of the drill holes are fed into the machine and the PCB will be drilled at the corresponding coordinates. In this project we are designing a PCB drilling machine which is controlled by PC. It adjusts the PCB according to the drilling point, so by using this device manual work is reduced. And accuracy is achieved also it works precisely. System consists of a microprocessor, a mechanic for drilling process and PC. The mechanism of drilling process is microprocessor's responsibility, but it is PC which sends the coordinates of the hole. In this project four stepper motors are used. The two motors are used for the movement of PCB in X,Y direction. One motor is used to move the drilling machine downwards and another one is used for rotating the drill bit.
Keywords Real: VB.net (Visual Basic 6.0), PCB drill holes, via




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