• Amit Kumar Mishra1, Sagar L. Faragade2, Sayali P. Rane3, Snehankita D. Deore4 E & TC department, SITRC, Nashik , Maharastra, India


In our project we are providing safe drinking water to all at very affordable cost. These units or ”WATER ATM” can be placed anywhere in cities, villages, colleges, hospitals, railway
Station, public places to provide purified drinking water. The water ATM allows for anyone to purchase as much or as little water as they want at anytime. Water ATM allows customers
to buy the quantity of water they desire, which a great advantage for low income villagers who don’t need or can’t afford large quantities of water in one buy. In this system just like an ATM card everyone will be provided by a Smart Card containing an amount which can be recharged at recharge booths. When a person enters the smart card the person can draw water from the ATM and corresponding amount will be decremented from the smart card. LCD is used to indicate the card balance and if the water level in the ATM is low or not. The aim of this project is to provide high quality drinking water to every denizen.
Keywords: Real-Time Location System; Super Heterodyne Receiver; Visual Basic.NET; MsSQL; XC2S50-5TQ144; Pentium4 processor; unique ID.




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