Review on Guidance Mechanism in Sensor Networks for Target Tracking


  • Priti G. Kandhare1, Gayatri M. Bhandari2 JSPM’s Bhivarabai Sawant Institute of Technology and Research, Wagholi Pune 412 207, India


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are very interesting research area of today’s computer engineering. Wireless sensor networks consist of number of sensor nodes. A sensor node predicts the area, and information of the predicted area send to the base station, sometimes it is called as ‘sink’. In this paper we have reviewed and studied algorithms for continuous object tracking .In predicted area continuous objects like oil spills and forest fires activation control message cannot reach at the right time, this is main cause of detection errors and therefore continuous objects are very harmful for people. A continuous object protocol, tracking object in wireless sensor network and also the information to be collected during configuration time and to reach object or target in minimum possible time is the main research work of this paper
Key Words: WSN, Guidance Navigation, void, cluster, continuous object




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